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Next group starts in Late 2022.

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Leadership Training for the Digital Age

The best leaders in the world lead themselves to higher levels by calibrating support and challenge to themselves and their teams. We call them 100X Leaders. Leaders who are moving towards 100% health and who have learned how to multiply what they know to those they lead.

To explain this, we use the metaphor of a Sherpa on Mt. Everest. The Sherpa people have a genetic predisposition to higher altitudes which means they can climb higher and longer than normal climbers. They actually have the ability to lead themselves and others up the mountain.

This is what defines a leader — doing their work while helping others do theirs for the benefit of all.

Who Is This Journey For?

As with anything worthwhile in life, this journey takes commitment and dedication. It is not for everyone, but if you are serious about learning more about yourself and how to increase your influence and impact on those in your circle of influence, this journey will take you in that direction.

  • CEOs
  • Senior Leaders
  • Second Chair Leaders
  • Team Leaders
  • Pastors
  • Non-Profit Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Solopreneurs
  • Anyone who wants to reclaim life, live with purpose, lead with intentionality, and leave a compounding legacy.

Here’s What You’ll Receive When You Commit to an iO Leadership Group

Becoming a 100X (more about 100X below) Leader is the goal of our iO Leadership Groups. We leverage the model of Sherpa Training from GiANT. This is a weekly learning system mixed with practical tools to help you achieve higher levels of performance, self-awareness, and practical solutions to the real world issues you face.

This intentional 12-month+ process is designed to help you be the best leader you can be in each circle of influence in your life. Here’s how.

On Demand Video Training

Access to weekly 30 minute video training focused on learning & practical tools

Weekly "100 Exercise"

A weekly 100 Exercise focused on helping you improve your own personal leadership

Weekly "X Challenge"

A weekly X Challenge focused on helping you take what you have learned and impact others immediately

Bi-Weekly Core Group Sessions

Every other week, live one-hour iO Group sessions via video conference aimed at deepening understanding & application while providing accountability on the journey to 100X

Access to GiANT Platform

Access to the GiANT platform, including additional live training sessions with industry experts, and membership in an iO Leadership Training Group with leaders from around the world

Dedicated Guide

Access to me, as your dedicated iO Leadership guide, throughout the duration of the group

What Past iO Leadership Group Members Are Saying 

Common Language, Intentionality 

"So many GiANT tools have helped me grow and learn over the past year! Provision, Plan, Promise is a common language I use weekly. We are working some of the GiANT tools into Hospitality Training to help our team be more intentional instead of accidental in how we extend hospitality. Establishing a common language is crucial, and GiANT has been so helpful with that and shown us better ways to communicate."

Remarkable Journey, Core of Who I Am

"Thank you for being my guide on this journey. And thank you, fellow Sherpas. I've been able to open up here more than I do in most places in life. It's enabled me to chisel away at what opportunities I have at the core of who I am at home, at work, and in my physical life as well. I've been on a remarkable journey this last year applying different ways to live my life during a time when life has been the most challenging for the world around me."

Great Experience, Shared Language, Better Team Communication 

This has been a great experience for me to be able to look inward through all of these lenses and identify what I really need to work on in order to be a better leader. The vocabulary around tools like Communication Code and Provisional, Plan, Promise has really helped how I approach conversations and communicating needs with my team. Having that shared language gets everyone on the same page a lot quicker while also ensuring we have the correct expectations and responses

Growth, Clarity, Truly Amazing and Much Needed

This past year I've grown more than ever, in my opinion. The self-reflection around clarity and my natural tendencies has boosted my awareness. Not only how I come across, but how my language also plays a significant role. During COVID-19 we saw the need for video meetings daily. The ability to really interact fell by the wayside, as we scrambled to find some sort of normalcy. Our passion to make it worked was tested, and we crushed it!!! We've had difficult discussions that let to alignment, and we heard each of the 5 voices on our team speak with more confidence that ever. Thank you for the mentorship. This is truly amazing, and much needed.

Benefits of Being a Part of an iO Leadership Group

  • Actively invest in your own growth to become the best leader you can be
  • Systematic, proven process for developing toward optimal health & high-performance
  • Real-world & immediate application of what you are learning each week
  • Regular connection & support from a group of leaders walking through the process with you
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Your Certified Coach

Steve Perky

Life is too short to just drift through it. I am passionate about helping people not only navigate the Digital Age but become positive, influential leaders who invest in themselves and those around them in a way that creates other healthy leaders in this generation and generations to come.

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Next group starts in late 2022.

Exact Dates TBD

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