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The Digital Age requires a new type of leader.

Reclaim Your Life

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Leave a Legacy

The Leadership Challenge:

An iO imbalance results in drifting through life.

While digital tools make it possible to do things previous generations never thought possible, the Digital Age is an uncharted territory that requires a new type of leadership.

We are in danger of drifting through life at the mercy of computer algorithms that rob us of being who God meant us to be.

If you have felt yourself drifting through life, you may not realize how the people in your life experience you and your leadership.

They need you to be a healthy, well-equipped Digital Age Leader.

We need Digital Age Leaders who

  • understand this new culture demands leaders who intentionally work on their own health and people intelligence. 
  • live with purpose and meaning.
  • lead with intentionality and pour into others to liberate them to reach their highest potential.
  • work to leave a compounding legacy that will ripple throughout generations to come.

We help you become a Digital Age leader Worth Following

Here's How We Do It

We focus on your iO. 


  • It all begins with "i". This indicates the necessity for you, the leader, to be healthy so you can fight for the highest possible good of others.
  • The lowercase "i" indicates the humility required to be a great leader.


  • The "O" represents others, the people in your circles of influence.
  • The "O" is uppercase indicating the compounding impact a healthy Digital Age Leader has on others.

Visual Tools

We don’t simply teach theory. We provide you with a set of visual tools that are practical, simple to understand and remember, and scalable for your life and work.

Proven Results

Our process and tools are powered by GiANT Worldwide. Individuals and companies around the world have been transformed by these tools.

Compounding Success

Our tools go beyond helping you become a healthy Digital Age Leader. Equipped with these tools, you become a multiplying leader whose impact ripples throughout generations to come.

Individuals and Teams

We have tracts designed specifically for individuals as well as teams and organizations. 

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