Why Digital Age Leader iO, and Why Now?

Welcome! I’m Steve, a leadership consultant and technology strategist with over 30 years of experience. Like you, I navigate the ever-evolving Digital Age, and I’ve seen firsthand how it transforms our lives and culture.

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Feeling Lost in the Digital Age?

It can feel like we’ve been thrust into a foreign culture without a guide. Our surroundings may look familiar, but the way we live and interact has changed dramatically. We’re caught in a whirlwind of rapid change, driven by corporate algorithms that shape our thoughts and actions.

It feels as though life is changing at an unfathomable pace, yet we are drifting with the currents of change without any navigational controls to ensure we are difference makers instead of slaves to the corporate algorithms that covertly control what we see and provide covert prodding to stoke the embers of our personal biases in an effort to sell our attention and our every thought to the highest bidder.

Not only do I experience this Digital Age culture, but I witness it the effects it is having on individuals, families, communities, and organizations daily.

A New Era of Leadership

We are in the final years of transition from the Gutenberg Age to the Digital Age, a transformation that the COVID-19 pandemic significantly hastened. This new epoch requires a distinct kind of leadership—one that comprehends that effective leadership is different today that it was in the Gutenberg Age.

The Digital Age differs vastly from the Gutenberg Age in our interactions, perceptions of information sources and authority, and daily living. Thus, we necessitate a novel form of leadership that is conversant with this new culture, can articulate its language, and deliberately employs influence to elevate others. This type of leadership requires more than skills intelligence. It also requires knowing oneself as the leader and knowing those whom they are leading.

You are a Leader

Over the years, I have come to terms with that fact that I am a leader. I hope you realize you are a leader too. The question you and I must both ask ourselves is, "What kind of leader will we be?"

Are we:

  • Dominating those around us with an autocratic Industrial Age iron fist?
  • Trying to protect those around us and in the process not calling them up to be who God made them to be?
  • Drifting through life and abdicating our influence to the algorithms of artificial intelligence that corporations continue to throw in our path?
  • Living and leading with intention with the goal of leaving a healthy legacy?

Climbing the Digital Mountain

Think of the Gutenberg Age as a mountain we’ve climbed. Now, the Digital Age is like Mount Everest, requiring us to adapt and reach new heights. This new culture demands a new way of living and leading.

Will you be the leader people need you to be?

Join Us on This Journey

We are here to be your guide on this journey and fight for your highest possible good so you can lead those in your circles of influence through this wild new Digital Age to become who God has made them to be. Together, we can lead our circles of influence to become the best versions of themselves.

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